Let's explain the features

Collect and transport independently and fully automatic freight. The freight can be crates, boxes, pallets etc. And many types of complete products. The ASSESSOR 1 is therefore extremely suitable for SME companies. From storage and transhipment companies to large logistics centers.

High payload until 2500Kg

These high payloads are possible thanks to a unique lifting system. In addition, the ASSESSOR 1 can also haul a lot of mass.

Intelligent safety system

This way you always have a suitable navigation option within your budget

Different types of navigation

These navigations recognize people and objects and respond to them.

Designed with the best materials

We know your needs. From that point of view, the ASSESSOR 1 has been engineered.

Maintenance free and easy to operate

The ASSESSOR 1 is safe to use, maintenance-free and easy to operate. Because the AGV is connected to the cloud , it can easily be linked to the existing systems. With the ASSESSOR 1 you save on manpower. It works efficiently and quickly, and the lifting capacity surpasses the human forces.

Custom-made solutions.

The possibilities that the ASSESSOR 1 offers you are almost infinite. On the basis of your wishes and requirements, we deliver custom-made solutions with the ASSESSOR 1 to guarantee you the best possible return on investment.

Custom multipurpose configurations

The ASSESSOR 1 is highly configurable and can be fitted with different performance accessories as required by each specific application. Among others it can be configured for a roller conveyor. And can be optionally suited with diverse platforms for different factory layouts.

Different navigation features

By default, all our vehicles are suited with line navigation. We also supply the ASSESSOR 1 with the following navigation options.

Free Navigation

The ASSESSOR 1 runs independently from A to B; this is done with a specially developed vision technique.

Transponder guiding

The ASSESSOR 1 will determine its position with transponders.

Customer specific navigation options

Custom made solutions are possible.

Automate your company

Forklift drivers are increasingly difficult to find. More and more companies are automating their logistics. We can no longer ignore the revolution of automation. You'll be surprised with overal quality and pricing of the ASSESSOR 1 from Dutch Machine Factory. Request information without any obligation, and we will help you to automate your processes. Make sure that you have a head start on your competitors!

Wishes and requirements

Based on your wishes and requirements, we offer tailor-made solutions so that you can deliver more efficiency and quality within your production process. For example for machines in the food, transport, cleaning and waste processing industry.
In cooperation with our reputable partner in electronics we can offer you a complete solution. Dutch Machine Factory is dealer for various machine manufacturers. This way we can offer the complete solution.

Dutch Machine Factory stands for Dutch craftsmanship. We have the right knowledge of machine building and use the latest technologies.

Assessor 1

Why to choose the ASSESSOR 1?


  • Available from just 1 piece.
  • Unique lifting capacity up to 2500Kg.
  • Unique battery capacity
  • Available with different navigation options
  • Fully integratable with your current software systems
  • Available in 5 weight classes, 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500 Kg
  • Extremely reliable operating system
  • Suitable for industrial environments
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Customer specific solutions are among the possibilities
  • Favorable payback time
  • Only suitable for horizontal transport

Regular Forklift

The ASSESSOR 1 compared with the regular forklift.


  • Suitable for vertical transport
  • Big and heavy
  • Requires staff
  • Unsafe
  • Relatively high maintenance costs
  • Inefficient
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